Composition Roofing

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Composition Roofing is the most widely used roofing system in the residential roofing industry. It is easy to install and includes great warranties, but has limited life expectancy.

The weather in Texas is unforgiving to roofs especially in north Texas, we see many hail storms in the DFW area. If your tired of changing your roof every other year please ask about our other roofing systems we offer. If composition is what you’re looking for then we can help.

There are many different great manufactures to choose from. Knowing what you’re looking for is very important. Color¬†and impact resistance (IR) are the top concerns most consumers ask about. It is important to hire the right contractor for the job. One that knows what roof will work best to fit the homeowner.

Ventilation is just as important as the shingles themselves. If a house has poor ventilation it can ruin the decking and the manufacturer warranty. Too much heat will destroy the shingle in the summertime. Please refer to our ventilation guide to help prevent damage to your new roof.

When you purchase a roof through Ray & Sons Construction, you will receive a complete roofing system, free yearly maintenance inspections to help insure the roof reaches its life expectancy* and 100% customer satisfaction.

Composition Roofing
Composition Roofing

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