Replace your Roof After a Hail Storm?

Replace your Roof After a Hail Storm?
March 11, 2018 Kristina Ray
In General Roofing

It is important to replace your roof after a hail storm. But why? Well the most common shingle is made up of 3 layers. The core of the shingle is fiberglass that’s surrounded by asphalt and covered in ceramic granules.

The ceramic granules reflect damaging UV rays from the sun. When a hail stone impacts a shingle it can break the fiberglass mat catapulting granules off the shingle. This will create a micro leak and allow UV rays to penetrate into the core of the shingle to destroy the fiberglass.

Hail impacts on your roof will leave you with micro leaks all over that will ultimately grow with time. After a year or two, these micro leaks have become big leaks that could have been prevented. At this point it’s considered neglect and may not even be covered by insurance.

By the time you see a water stain or custom waterfall in your house there are a slew of other problems that can’t be seen. Moisture can make its way into your insulation and walls creating a hotspot for mold. Next comes the rotting wood along with health issues from different kinds of mold spores in the air you’re breathing. Most insurance companies give you 1 year to file a claim then 1 more year to complete the work. Each insurance company is a little different.

Of course, that pesky roofer that won’t stop knocking on the door and leaving business cards is annoying, but he is there to help. I can’t stress how important it is to have your roof inspected after each hail storm or wind storm. Be cautious though, finding the right roofing company is crucial!

We have all heard the story, the contractor took my money and ran. Don’t let this be you!!! Research research research!! Anyone can take shingles off and put new ones back on. It’s not hard, but doing it the right way can be.

Every shingle manufacturer requires the roofer to remove everything to bare plywood. This ensures there is a solid surface to build on top of and helps the system breath properly.

I have seen it time and time again contractors fail to do this. Little does the homeowner know, they will not have a manufacture warranty!! It does not matter what kind of shingle it is. When a roofer fails to take off the old felt he makes money and you lose, every time. You will not have a manufacture warranty if this happens.

For a job done right, call the experts at Ray & Sons (817)401-4729 we will insure that you’re taken care of the right way every time.