Proper Roofing Installation

Proper Roofing Installation
May 20, 2018 Kristina Ray
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Finding a roofer in the DFW roofing market can be very easy. There is a roofing company within a few miles of every neighborhood. Finding a roofer who will do proper roofing installation is another story.

Roofs can vary depending on the structure they are on. Most roofing companies will specialize in a few types of roofs. The most common roof in Texas is going to be a steep slope composition. Depending on what part of the world you are in will determine the style.

Every single time a roofer does a re-roof he should tear off all pre existing roofing materials down to the decking. The manufacture of the shingle gives a warranty free of defects. This warranty can be void if the roof is installed incorrectly. All shingle manufacturers require a visual inspection of the decking before beginning any installation. Once the decking is free of nails and any rotted decking has been replaced felt should be ran horizontal across the roof starting at the eve. The felt should overlap 6” to 8” and wrap over a hip no less than 6”. Ice and Water shield should be used in the valleys and around all penetrations. Where you have extreme cold weather with lots of snow ice and water should be installed on the eve as well.

After the felt and ice and water are installed properly drip edge should be installed around the entire perimeter of the home. Next is starter strip, there are ways to cheat this step but it should never be done. The starter goes on the eve and rakes of the house to ensure the first shingle is the strongest. Starter strip has a glue line that lines up with the glue on the bottom of a shingle. If the first shingle fails the whole roof fails.

Step flashing should be used around any chimney or head wall. Depending on the quality of the step flashing a roofer may or may not replace this during a re roof. If they do not it does not mean you got ripped off. They may have not charged you for it but a homeowner should ask about this specifically. Fireplaces are a hot spot for leaks.

Once the entire roof is shingled, flashed and vents replaced it’s time for hip and ridge. Hip and ridge closes the peaks of the roof. Most contractors use 25 year 3-tab shingles however this is incorrect. A 3-tab shingle is the bottom of the barrel shingle. It has a 65 MPH wind rating when installed correctly. Most manufactures have a specific shingle designed for hip and ridge. Most roof damage you will find will be the ridge missing from moderate winds.

Finally the last few steps should be silicon and paint. All pipe jacks should be painted to match the roof. The step flashing should be double checked to make sure the counter flashing is sealed properly. If it’s not folded into the brick it must be cleaned siliconed and painted to match.  

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