Why should I use a General Contractor?

Why should I use a General Contractor?
March 26, 2018 Kristina Ray
In General Roofing

First of all, what is a General Contractor?

A General Contractor is a manager that is responsible for the overall construction project. They will have reliable connections and resources to manage the job including architects, engineers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, etc. They will have quality vendors and suppliers available for use.  This person must know what order to do things to complete the job properly. They can organize multiple trades accordingly.

Second, how is a “General Contractor” different from just a “Contractor”?

A contractor is a tradesman that is hired by a general contractor. A contractor only handles one trade within the entire project. Multiple contractors are necessary to get the job done. A general contractor makes sure his contractors accomplish the job satisfactory.  

Why do I need a General Contractor?

You may need a GC when your doing a remodel or replacing your roof because of the benefits they offer compared to hiring multiple contractors yourself. How would you know who to hire? Who would do quality work and not cut corners? Who will charge a fair rate? All of these issues can be resolved by using a GC.

Interior work vs exterior work are two different worlds. Any good contractor will complete the work well regardless if it’s inside or outside. But not every contractor will. For example, Sheetrock inside will be seen everyday. You may notice if it’s completed to satisfactory standards or not. The exterior of the home is out of sight, except for the 30 seconds it takes to walk to the door, so if a contractor cheats a step it may go unnoticed. How often do you get on the roof? When you get a new roof, do you know what is being installed? Were steps skipped? Do you know what all is supposed to be installed to uphold your manufacturer warranty? Some homeowners will never know if their roof was installed properly, especially if they do not have a General Contractor that knows the system.

Ray & Sons Construction has the ability to complete any task you can think of. Everything from carpet up to roofing and outside to swimming pools. At the end of the day, we enjoy helping people. We want to be your full service General Contractor. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection or estimate!