Slate Roofing

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Slate on a roof can be stunning if installed correctly. Homeowners have many different options in styles, colors, and design. This roofing system is very strong and will last for decades if maintained properly. Average cost of maintenance is around $1500.00 annually.

Slate is an actual stone mined from the earth. Copper nails or stainless steel fasteners must be used in order to attach the tile to the roof. Choosing the right colors and install for your home can be costly. Each home is different and so is every slate roof.

No real slate roof can be copied exactly. They are like fingerprints. Each tile is chipped to fit creating a unique look that can not be replicated through any other process.

GAF has created a industrialized product where homeowners can get actual slate for a fraction of the cost. This system also hangs on a batten system so installs are fast, overall creating a faster cheaper install. A typical GAF TruSlate roof can be installed in about 5 days VS real slate on the same roof taking 3 weeks.

When you purchase a roof through Ray & Sons Construction, you will receive a complete roofing system, free yearly maintenance inspections to help insure the roof reaches its life expectancy* and 100% customer satisfaction.

Slate Roofing
Slate Roofing

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